WAR-X Survival Weekend

Redefine Your Physical and Mental Limits



Specifically focused around creating unique scenario-driven events, War-X Survival Weekend offers the ultimate test of strength, determination, and ability to survive as an individual and team. It combines elements of man-made and natural obstacles, survival schools, tactical training courses, and Airsoft weapons for realism. By pulling the most challenging and exciting attributes from the above, we have put them into a single, one-of-a-kind event. War-X has crafted a next-level reality experience to test the mental, physical, and emotional limits of all participants. 



War-X Survival Weekend immerses you into the reality of a unique and extreme realistic scenario. Each event starts with War-X Reality Survival Training (RST). RST is a new and innovative approach to survival training.  You and your team will learn from current and former military, EMTs, Paramedics, survivalists, and outdoorsmen in an exciting format made for real life.  After the instruction period has concluded, all participants will be moved to headquarters for briefing. There you will receive information about a current and ongoing scenario you will be tasked to face following the brief. The who, what, where, why, and when will be answered. This information will be vital during your event. 



You and your teammates will be completing against at least one other team within a scenario. Teams will consist of 6-10 people. Team registration is encouraged, but not required. Individual participants will be randomly assigned a team. Teams will be awarded and ranked based on a variety of factors observed during, and at the outcome, of the event. You can work with or against the other teams toward common goals, if you trust them. You will decide your own courses of action throughout the event to achieve given objectives and accomplish your mission, while dealing with a determined enemy. That’s right, no guide, no babysitter, no one to tell you that you’re on track. This isn’t a classroom, hang out by the fire, or walk in the woods survival class. Your decisions, strengths, and weaknesses will all play a leading role in your event making everyone’s experience different. You and your team will encounter man-made and natural obstacles, evade capture, navigate, hide, engage in gun fights, and at times hold on by a thread to survive, in a real-threat environment.



Think you can hold it together and count on your teammates under extreme adversity? The hypothetical question of “what you would do if faced with”…will be answered. Others will guess. You won’t. After completing this adrenaline-filled, high tempo event, your experience will surpass anything available in today’s society. It’s a real life experience that upon completion, will give you a sense of achievement that few will know or understand. Do you have what it takes to rise to our new challenge and redefine the limits of your survival? This is an exclusive event with limited participant registration.  




What People Are Saying About War-X Survival Weekend

Phillip H.

I experienced, fear, exhilaration, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, victory, capture, helplessness, escape, loneliness, brotherhood (and sisterhood), pain, comfort, regret, pride in a job well done, and walked away with new stories, new friends, and new perspectives. I’ve also formed special friendships that can only come from facing adversity together. These are amazing people I never would have met otherwise, and am now better for knowing.

Adam R.

I participated in the Dark Angel event, had a great time, well executed with professional staff. Pack light, plan to move fast, and be flexible as things change all the time!! Great event!!

Jennifer L.

I’m so thankful for the experience, and for the team that I got to know and be a part of during the 24 hours, and for the other teams who were part of this. The organizers did such a great job of planning for the event, making it so realistic, and being ready to continuously adapt the game based on how things progressed.They’re sure to come up with another amazing event to challenge you like no other event can.


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