WAR-X Race Campaign


Obstacle course racing has swept the nation over the past decade. Almost every obstacle course race and mud run across the country has had military and veterans recreate different obstacles and challenges. Everyone is looking for that next level race that pushes their limits. War-X has taken that model and elevated it to truly epic proportions. Welcome to the War-X Race Campaign. A series of War-Xperience races that take place in the middle of a war zone! While battles rage all around you, you’ll tackle obstacles, heroic challenges, dense smoke screens, propaganda, air raid sirens, and explosions. These are just some of the things you may encounter during a War-X race. You may find certain obstacles that mimic actual historic battles and events. The course sets on 700 acres of rugged, privately owned terrain, allowing us the ability to create an extraordinary, adrenaline-filled war experience unlike any other race out there. Experience the difference and adrenaline of the War-X Race Campaign. The only obstacle course race of it’s kind!

NEXT RACE: JULY 18, 2020

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What People Are Saying About The War-X Race Campaign

Adam L.

An awesome race, venue, and experience! I went in not knowing what to expect, but 5+ miles of hills, obstacles, enemy patrols, gunfire and explosions, I realized War-X was quite possibly my new favorite OCR/event. I will definitely be back for future events!

Kimberly D.

War-X was by far one of the best races I’ve ever ran! From the beginning you were surrounded by gun fire and explosions. Talk about an adrenaline rush! If you ever want to go for an adventure I highly recommend looking into War-X! It’s nothing like you’ve ever done before!

Sandra M.

Me and my son loved this “experience”. Andy because of the epic terrain and non-standard format and me because of the great people running it! This is not you ordinary OCR….this is an experience that you won’t forget!

Aaron P.

2000 ft of elevation and 6ish miles of the best natural terrain you will ever run! These guys made the hardest obstacles and took a lot of time to map out a rad course. Live gun fire and explosions keep you on your toes for sure and the cargo nets hanging off the cliffs were no joke.


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