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2054 Orpheus Rd.Thurman, Ohio 45685

Travel time from Columbus: 1.5hrs
Travel time from Charleston, WV: 1.5hrs
Travel time from Cincinnati: 2hrs
Travel time from Dayton: 2hrs
Travel time from Lexington, KY: 2.5hrs

We run the night.

Blackout is a 5k Obstacle Course Race at night through an exploding battlefield with 15 challenging obstacles and a luminated 350' water slide to the finish! At just over 3 miles, it's a perfect distance and a unique challenge for all skill levels. The war torn trail will be lit with just enough artificial light to really test you along the way. Bring your headlamp! The War-X atmosphere of explosions and flamethrowers will light up the night sky for a truly unique, one of a kind race!






What’s included

Unique Obstacles

We offer unique obstacles that you won’t find anywhere else.

Dog Tags

Custom dog tags that are earned. Not given.

After Dark Party

When the real fun begins (insert awesomeness here)

Frequently asked questions

Does War-X use chip timing for Blackout?

Blackout 5k will over a unique twist when it comes to timing. We will not be using chip timing for this particular event as our timers will be counting down not up. Once the timer hit a certain time….prepare for the boom!

What should I wear for a War-X event?

Preferably clothes. You will be constantly exposed to outdoor elements, rough terrain, forests, wet, muddy, and dry conditions. Your attire should be based on comfort, and mobility.

How should I prepare physically?

War-X events can be physically demanding but you certainly don’t need to be an elite athlete or in the best shape of your life.  Determination and mental fortitude is just as, if not more important. #eyeofthetiger

Is this event similar to the mud runs and obstacle course races like Tough Mudder and Spartan?

Yes in the sense that there is running, obstacles and mud to contend with. War-X is very unique in that every race has a specific mission that dictates your interaction with the course and the fact that you are running the race through explosions and gunfire.

Are you only allowed one attempt per obstacle?

You can attempt an obstacle as many times as needed in an attempt to complete it unless otherwise noted on race day.

Do you need 100% obstacle completion in order to qualify for an award?

You only must have 100% obstacle completion in order to be eligible to qualify for any top finisher or age group awards. Otherwise, your incompetence is irrelevant to us.

Can I quit if it’s too much or I just can’t make it through?

Anyone can quit at anything in life. Just know you will certainly be judged and labeled. If you can live with that, we can too.


Bring your tents! We offer on-site primitive camping Friday and Saturday night for $25 a night (pre-paid only). RVs accessible (no hookups).

Off-Site Lodging

We have discounts set up with local hotels in Jackson, Ohio and Gallipolis, Ohio. Mention “War-X” when booking to receive the discounted rate. 

Parking / Bag Check

Don’t forget to bring CASH for Parking ($10) and Bag Check ($5). We accept credit/debit cards on-site for food and merchandise.

Support the Cause

All of the proceeds from this Trilogy event will directly support Operation Enduring Warrior, an amazing non-profit organization which honors, empowers, and motivates our nation’s wounded veterans.

This will be my 8th year in OCR with triple digit races.I build courses and race races... All in all, I have to admit, War-X was probably my favorite venue to date and will be making the trip again.

The Compound OCR

You think you’re tough, and you think you’ve run hard races, but you have no idea what a hard race is until you have competed at War-X. As the name suggests this race is an absolute battle from start to finish.

Jason D.

Well worth the 5.5 hr drive from Windsor, Canada and I can’t wait until the next event!! Hats off to all of the men and women who go above and beyond to put on a phenomenal event at a venue that is breathtaking!

Anthony T.

The terrain was brutal, the obstacles challenging, and the simulated war war raging around us added both a sense of urgency and pressure to perform under stress and fatigue.

Adam L.

I am beyond overwhelmed by how everything was operated. The course was perfectly marked out the obstacles were outstanding.

Allen C.

Excellent quality from the obstacles and race design to their finisher medals and shirts, they are a must do event. they used the terrain to it's fullest and made sure it was a quality event across both days.

William S.

Great quality OCR! Definitely not in Kansas anymore with these obstacles. Cookie cutter Spartan obstacles pale in comparison to the creativity and craftsmanship I saw on this course.

K B.

The excitement and production of their events are in a league of their own and put on by America's finest. If you have the opportunity, do it, it's more than a race, it's an experience that will stand out beyond all others. To say it was awesome is a complete understatement

Jamie C.