Doom Hammer


War-X: Operation Doom Hammer is the marquee event in next generation survival training and scenario-driven survival missions. Operation Doom Hammer is a high tempo, quick reaction response by you and your team to a national, regional, or localized apocalyptic event. You will be tasked to not only survive, but stop the ongoing threat. The specific scenario, mission, and details of Operation Doom Hammer are confidential to those who attend. Your ability to adapt will be tested. Learn to survive in any situation, by surviving every situation. In reality, adaptation on-the-go is more effective and efficient, than trying to prep for the unknown.


What Makes War-X Different

There are survival schools and training events all over the world. 99 percent of them will teach you the history of survival, tweaked with new techniques. There is nothing wrong with that until surviving becomes a reality. We ask basic questions that apply to the world we live in today and answer them with a reality check. The best survival school will never beat the best survival experience. We train like we plan to fight. Do you think you know how you would handle a real survival or apocalyptic situation? At War-X, we create your reality. There are no training time-outs or do-overs. The scenario event doesn't stop when you are tired and hungry. This is a reality that can't be planned for and will truly test and push both your mental and physical limits.

War-X Reality Survival Training

RST Training to get you prepared for things to come

– Firearms training and tactical shooting

– Tactical Survival skills training

– Reactionary Survival: Fire building, hasty shelters, evasion, water procurement, field medicine, etc.

– Individual and team scenario tests

– Competition shooting and survival


Event Scenario and Mission

Can you own the night and accomplish your mission?

– Detailed mission briefings
– Fluid objectives and mission changes based on evolving scenario
– Confrontational sequences utilizing Airsoft
– Exposure to natural elements
– Crawling, jumping, climbing, escaping, and sliding through a variety of challenges and obstacles
– Navigate terrain that may include water hazards, deep mud pits, cliffs
– Intense sequences of evasion, captures, and/or escape
– No guide. You and your team dictate the route and outcome of your success

* Prior to the event we will advise you of a Pack/Do not pack list.


Here is some insight into what you can expect at a high level.

Sign In / Welcome

Meet the War-X owners, event coordinators, staff members, and special guest trainers. We take this time to get to know you and to address any questions or concerns with our completely ridiculous "death waiver". Don't worry, just standard stuff really. From the time you registered for this event, we have been preparing for you personally. This event is exclusive and not made for everyone. If you are here, you have made it through War-X's initial screening. Based on the time of year, we may have you set up initial camp or get you right into training.

The Training

Your weekend starts on Friday at 12pm with registration and training at War-X. War-X’s Reality Survival Training (RST) is specialized and conducted by the War-X cadre, and special guest instructors, depending on the needs of the event. War-X RST is all hands on, and designed to teach adaptation to an evolving environment of real threats, weather, and mission objectives, while learning valuable survival techniques. RST classes include, but are not limited to: Fire building, water procurement, food procurement, navigation, firearms breakdown and marksmanship, first aid, primitive weapon construction and use, tactical movements, hand to hand combat, hostage situations and escape, etc. Practical testing and assessment will be the last phase of RST before receiving your scenario and mission set.

Mission Prep Time

After completion of your training, you will be given an undisclosed amount of time to reevaluate your packing needs, collect your thoughts, and make camp. This time is given to mentally prepare for what is coming next. At any point after RST, your mission and scenario could begin, whether you are ready or not.

Mission / Scenario Brief

This is your decision point. Once you receive your scenario and brief, reality has changed, and you are part of it. The time will come for your scenario to begin and you will be asked to answer the call for help. You will receive a full military style briefing. From background and media coverage of the ongoing crisis, to weather impact and hostile forces you can expect in the next 24hrs. Time will be of the essence, and your brief will have more information than you can process in the time it’s given. You will have to glean the vital information, and adapt to your new environment thereafter.

Team Planning

Immediately following your brief your team will devise an initial plan of attack. It is likely that the objectives will be fluid and changing throughout the event.

The Mission and Objectives

As Operation Doom Hammer unfolds, you may find yourself and your team in many situations. Search and rescues. Evasion of hostiles. Search and destroy missions. Chemical attacks or even mass casualties. Regardless of what you face intermittently, you will have your primary mission. Tough decisions will be made. Priorities will be tested. There may be losses. Nothing is guaranteed. There are no participation trophies. There is only one way to victory: Mission success!

Hostile Forces

In a perfect world, you and your team would be left alone to survive in a beautiful forest of trees, overflowing with plants and animals for food, a babbling brook of spring water, perfect temperatures, and a gingerbread house. If there is such a place when an unexpected event impacts society’s ability to survive, everyone will be there fighting for it. The hostile forces at War-X are contracted, based on the scenario to complete their own mission. You will be given an intelligence briefing on your enemy’s capabilities during the mission brief.


War-X is a veteran run organization. All of our proceeds from this event will directly support Operation Enduring Warrior, an amazing non-profit organization which honors, empowers, and motivates our nation’s wounded veterans.



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