Jungle Ops


The 2018 War-X Race Campaign continues this spring as the forests turn to a jungle-like green and rainy season turns the dry, steep paths into a muddy battle of determination. Are you ready to take on our second obstacle course in the War-X series? Surprise obstacles, course changes, and adrenaline around every blind corner, you don’t want to miss this one.

Oh yea did we mention this obstacle course is in the middle of a war zone? Can you focus on the tasks at hand while explosions and gunfire are going off nearby? While a war rages all around you, you’ll battle obstacles, challenges, dense smoke screens, propaganda, air raid sirens, and explosions. There’s no doubt you’ll have an extraordinary, adrenaline-filled experience unlike any other race out there. Whether you’re a competitor or someone trying something new, War-X is a blast…literally.

We are constantly developing, changing, and building new and unique obstacles. The course is built across over 1100 acres of privately owned, undeveloped land, giving us the ability to operate all year round. There are no limits to the size and scope of the obstacles we build because we don’t have to move them! The War-X property has over 25 miles of trails, climbing cliffs, acres of swamps, mud, winding creeks, dense forests, and unlimited elevation gains to play with in southeastern Ohio!

War-X Race Campaign kicks off its second race of 2018 with its first annual Jungle Ops: Obstacle Course Race. It’s an action packed obstacle course race in the middle of mud season! Attack the course individually or as a team! This is a great race for all levels of athletes or first timers. The course is 6-8 miles of pure fun and adrenaline! First wave starts at 9am.


- Mud
- 6-8 mile course with trails through challenging terrain
- Crawling, jumping, climbing, escaping, and sliding through challenges and obstacles
- Potential water hazards, deep mud pits, cliffs
- Carrying, lifting various objects
- Obstacles not on the course map
- Running through a war environment
- A great time


This is the second race in the 2018 War-X Obstacle Course Race Campaign, which is comprised of 3 races throughout the year. Complete all 3 races in a single year to win the awesome and coveted War-X Campaign Medal!

After you've run the course and if you somehow still have any energy left and want more...take a shot at our new mini challenge "The Labyrinth".....an insane, timed maze run, filled with both natural and man-made obstacles. You have a choice to be timed with a map or without. Do you think you can set a new record either way? Doubtful. It just may break your heart...


Get a sneak peek at some of the obstacles you may encounter on the course.




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