Corporate Events

WAR-X: Revolutionizing Corporate Events

War-X provides companies of all sizes with a new and unique spin on engaging corporate events. War-X offers highly effective and customizable avenues for team building that offers your team the opportunity to learn life skills and work together while using out of the box thinking.

Build stronger teams, challenge limits, inspire change, promote wellness, boost morale, and share in the reward of accomplishment with your team members. Every event is tailored specifically to your team. No two businesses are exactly alike so neither are our events. Regardless of whether your employees have never held a gun or if your team is full of veterans who have fought overseas, we have the ability to create unique experiences that can update on the fly that will keep everyone engaged regardless of skill or experience level.

Excellent ROI Through War-X Events that Refocus your Team

War-X corporate events are efficacious tools designed for strengthening team bonds and solidifying corporate objectives. The camaraderie and collaboration that is both needed and developed at every War-X event directly correlates to increased trust and performance back at the office. Our corporate experience will not only help unify your team but also give them a badass story that they will never forget.

Engaging Team Building Activities

interests of the group. Some of our team building activities may include:

- Team obstacle challenges
- Survival training
- Firearms training
- Team navigation point to point
- Mission scenarios
- Scavenger hunt
- Camping
- Hiking / nature tours

Apply Learned Skills in Real Scenarios

We offer a variety of scenario based mission sets that are created around specific team building initiatives. Teams are trained, briefed, and given all the tools needed to complete their respective mission. Whether it’s a rescue mission or an end of the world scenario, this is a great tool in developing leaders and building trust within team members through a one-of-a-kind experience that they will never forget.

Potential mission scenarios may include:

- Hostage rescue
- Enemy capture
- End of the world
- Zombie apocalypse
- Epic battle reenactments
- Battle royale
- Much more!

Corporate Outings that Inspire and Motivate

Our corporate outings provide time and space away from the demands of the workplace, which allows team members to relax and creative ideas to flourish. The outings encourage engagement and emotional involvement not only in a beautiful outdoor setting, but also among coworkers. Your team’s strengths, weaknesses and ambitions will all be identified and tested. War-X will give your team the opportunity to learn, fail, and succeed together. Most importantly your team will leave War-X with their own incredible story and new sense of self after pushing forward through adversity and leaning on one another.

Improve Employee Wellness, Performance & Morale

War-X outings operate on our Battlegrounds of over 700 acres of private property in southern Ohio. Rolling hills, ponds, open fields, and beautiful forests are just part of the amazing scenery that you will experience. It’s proven that moderate aerobic exercise can improve important brain circuit connectivity and increase performance of cognitive tasks. Time spent in nature has been shown to improve disposition, increase mental clarity and attention, and reduce recovery time from illness. Recent research has shown that the largest positive health changes occurred when people exercised in the outdoors. Thus, active, outdoor team building activities and events at War-X offer the greatest potential advantage to significantly improve performance in the workplace.

What to Expect

- Fully customizable event
- Learn survival skills and then apply them in real-life scenarios
- Amazing outdoor atmosphere
- Friendly and knowledgeable staff
- No prior experience or training required
- Half day, full day and overnight options available
- One-of-a-kind team-building experience

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