War-X Apocalypse is a weekend event that takes you out of our sugar-coated society and plunges you into an apocalyptic scenario that will become your reality. You will face a true survival of the fittest scenario. Chaos, lawlessness, and void of any civility, the Apocalypse event will see what you are really made of. Whether you are a prepper, outdoorsman, thrill-seeker or someone who has always wondered “what would I do if…”, this event if for you. War-X Apocalypse is a scenario-driven event and the ultimate test of strength, determination, and ability to survive as a team through an apocalyptic event. Think you can hold it together and count on your teammates under extreme adversity? Your experience will surpass anything available in today’s society and provide you with that next level of excitement and adventure.

NEW FOR 2018

– Firearms and Survival training

– Teams competeting directly against one other

– Potential gun battles (Airsoft) throughout the event

– No guide. You and your team dictate the route and outcome of your success


– Learning of various survival skills and tactics

– Applying skills in a real-time scenario environment

– Working with team members to accomplish objectives

– A mission race against other teams

– Create your own adventure with no guides just your teams ability to survive

– Tactical airsoft battles

– Exposure to natural elements

– Crawling, jumping, climbing, escaping, and sliding through a variety of challenges and obstacles

– Navigate terrain that may include water hazards, deep mud pits, cliffs

– Avoiding capture

– A challenging one-of-a-kind experience

* Prior to the event we will advise you of a Pack/Do not pack list.



Upon arrival to the event you will pass through registration and a security check. During the security check, you will be given a GPS locator to be attached to your clothing or bag so we can locate you if you happen to get lost or separated from your team over the course of the weekend. The 1,100+ acres of land is surrounded by thousands more, and we will want our equipment back…


You will meet our instructors and immediately begin various types of survival training which will be vital to your success at War-X Apocalypse. You will learn from our team of current and former military, EMTs, paramedics, survivalists, and outdoors-men. Training is all hands-on, down and dirty. Such training will include: weapon use and basic functions, map and GPS navigation, basic First Aid, tactical movement and operations. Survival basics, such as water and food procurement will also be covered.

For some this may be a refresher, but for others it may be the first time learning. Ample time will be given to demonstrate your knowledge of the training received, but this event is about adapting and overcoming, so you will have to learn some things along the way. Teams will have to demonstrate the ability to navigate in a practical exercise before moving on. This is to ensure your event and experience can be successful.

Mission Briefing / Teams

Once training is complete, you will be moved to the Command Post for your mission brief that will lay out the current scenario, teams, objectives and expectations. The who, what, where, why, and when. Teams will be assigned and will ultimately be competing against one another throughout this event. Every person will play a vital role to the teams success. Teams will be awarded and ranked based on a variety of factors observed during and at the outcome of the event. Create alliances with other teams to deal with an opposing force, but at the end of the day there can only be one winning team. Choose your alliances wisely or go it alone.

The Course

You will decide your own courses of action throughout the event to achieve given obstacles, challenges and defeat a determined enemy. That’s right, no guide, no babysitter, no one to tell you you’re on track. This isn’t a classroom, hang out by the fire, or walk in the woods survival class. Your decisions, strengths, and weaknesses will play a leading role in your event. You and your team will work together to tackle obstacles, evading capture, navigate the terrain, hide, fight, and hold on by a thread to survive, in a real-threat environment.

The Bottom Line

War-X Apocalypse is a fluid and evolving event. Your mission can update or change at any given time. Work as a team to out-survive, and out-perform the other teams. Avoid capture, fight through hostiles, complete the mission and come away the victor in one badass epic weekend.